A Future for the Roma

The Roma people are Hungary’s largest ethnic minority, and Global Action biggest ministry field in Eastern Europe. The Roma (often known as gypsies) are a diverse group of people who are often associated with poverty or crime. For hundreds of years, they were enslaved, persecuted, sterilized and systematically exterminated in many European countries. Even today, they face many barriers of discrimination. These are the people that many of our Global Action pastors are ministering to.

Josef is just one of many pastors who has responded to God’s call to share the hope of the Gospel with the Roma. Josef has established a Roma church network that now encompasses Hungary, Slovakia, and Romania. As recently as two years ago, there were 18 churches in the network. Today there are 40! These churches are located in places of great need, where there is little to no access to biblical training. And the pastors are hungry to be equipped for the work of ministry. Josef estimates that through this network with its rapid growth and extensive reach, over 500 Roma pastors and ministry leaders could be trained within the next few years!

God is on the move in Eastern Europe. The pastors and leaders we have equipped there over the last two decades have been reaping exponential fruit, and countless lives and communities have been changed forever. By giving local pastors and leaders access to biblical training, we are investing in sustainable transformation that can withstand all the changing currents of life—even pandemics!

2021 is a year of growth, and we are so encouraged to see how God is using leaders like Pastor Josef to turn the world upside down for the Gospel. Thank you to all our partners who are helping us reach under-resourced Roma pastors and leaders with biblical training that will change their lives—and the lives of those they serve—forever. Thank you for giving the Roma a bright future by equipping pastors and leaders!

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