The Gift of Transformation

This year, you can give a pastor the gift of an education that will change his life forever. We provide ministry leaders who have never been to seminary with a Bible-based, life-changing educational experience in the poorest regions of the world. They are willing to make the sacrifice to study, but they need our help. The cost for sending a pastor through our one-year program is just $50 a month, or $600 a year, and the impact is lifelong. That’s a small investment for a really, really big return!

Jesus invested in a small group of 12 leaders and then sent them out to turn the world upside down. It’s really hard to imagine that more than 90% of the world’s pastors have never received any kind of formal theological training! But our world-class program is changing this by offering accessible, biblical, and culturally relevant education. And our graduates are changing the world.

And even in the midst of a pandemic, the gospel is not on lock-down! Pastors are working harder than ever before, and pastors in the hard places need our support. I invite you to join my wife and me by giving to this great cause. Let’s serve those who are serving the world!

For the world,

Lionel Young

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