Giving Hope – Fernando and Luis in Guatemala

Fernando and Luis Misteco (on the right) study in Global Action’s Foundations class in 2019. See more pictures of the family in action below.

Meet Fernando and Luis Misteco. This father-son duo graduated together from Global Action’s Foundations program in 2019 after 8 months of hard work. This was a major accomplishment for each of them: Fernando had never attended a day of school in his life, having learned to read by watching a friend do homework. Luis graduated at the top of his Foundations class. These men are dedicated to serving the Lord to the best of their ability, despite the challenges they face.

Fernando and his wife live in a rural, indigenous village in Guatemala with their 7 children and 2 grandchildren. Their family is poor by material standards. But they are rich in the love of Christ, and are always finding creative ways to serve families in need.

Before the pandemic started, they poured into the lives of dozens of children through a Kids’ Club. They met weekly to bless the children with love, food, and the Word of God.

They also used their skills in construction to help build homes for families in need. As recently as February of this year, they partnered with a short-term team from Global Action to help build a sewing workshop and shopfront for a woman named Ruth.

Ruth and her family live in an impoverished area known as a “squatters’ village.” There is no running water in the homes, and conditions are very rough. Ruth has a sewing business, which she had been trying to operate out of her kitchen. Ruth also has a dream to start a Bible study for people in her village, and she is anxiously waiting to begin training through Global Action’s Foundations program this year so that she can point her neighbors to true hope and life. Through Fernando and the Global Action team, another future Guatemalan leader has been blessed!

With the rise of the pandemic and the corresponding loss of employment and food shortages now facing many Guatemalans, Fernando and Luis have pivoted to help meet these desperate needs. They have been hard at work putting together food baskets to help families facing starvation. They are taking care of the families of the children who attended their Kids’ Club, they are trekking up a mountain to help impoverished families there, and they are serving as many families in their own community as they can. They are using all that they have to give hope in a seemingly hopeless situation.

And the amazing thing is that leaders like Fernando and Luis aren’t stopped by border closures – they are already there! God has sovereignly placed them where they are to serve those around them in this time of crisis. You and I can’t physically access these communities right now, but by training national leaders you are touching countless lives through them.

Thank you for equipping leaders like Fernando and Luis. Together, we are making a difference in a hurting world.

We hope you’ll be encouraged by these pictures of Fernando and Luis shining brightly in Guatemala.

Give Hope

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