Global Action 20 Years Press Release


Colorado Springs, Colorado, August 17, 2018 : From its global headquarters in Colorado Springs, Colorado, to its 4 worldwide offices in Eastern Europe, Latin America, Western Europe and South Asia, Global Action kicks off a celebration for its 20th anniversary.

For the last two decades, Global Action has been training Christian pastors and church leaders in underdeveloped countries who have little to no formal biblical training because of their remote location, poverty, or lack of general education (many never advanced beyond 8th grade). Since its inception in 1998, God has used Global Action to equip thousands of men and women to be more effective in their ministries and to spread the Gospel and to grow their churches. The support from strategic partners and generous donors has allowed Global Action to expand into more nations and reach even more people groups. The organization has served in over 77 countries worldwide through training courses, conferences, outreach and missions team trips.

Today, the organization is recognized as a top-rated non-profit by Great Non-Profits, the people’s choice platform leader for charities making a real difference in the communities and issues they serve. With the recent Cru and CEF partnerships, Global Action is uniquely positioned to reach a rapidly increasing number of villages and communities in a wholistic and sustainable way.

The organization’s Board Chairman, Bob Smith, attributes much of Global Action’s success to the organization’s deep-rooted love for Christ and its highly-committed employees and volunteers worldwide.

“Twenty years ago, Global Action started with a vision of mobilizing the Western church to aggressively go after the most pressing needs in developing world nations. Over time, our organization has come to realize that the most effective and sustainable way to impact those needs is by resourcing and training indigenous church leaders. In this twentieth year, we celebrate thousands of leaders trained and hundreds of thousands of lives changed through the missional work of our growing Global Action network!”

A vision for the future 

The organization’s Interim President, Rick Thompson, says they plan to expand training courses into more countries and offer training materials in more native languages. “These projects are at the core of Global Action’s efforts to spread the Gospel for Christ, which will leverage our existing partnerships and allow us to form new ones. With the rates of Christian persecution on the rise in the areas Global Action serves, partnerships and strategic alliances have never been more important,” concludes Thompson.

About Global Action 

Global Action is an international, nonprofit Christian ministry, that has trained 9,000+ pastors and church leaders in developing countries. Its GLOMOS Foundational Training teaches core biblical doctrine and aspects of a healthy church, while its GLOMOS Advance Training provides additional targeted training to address specific cultural issues churches face. Global Action—Training Pastors. Making Disciples. Changing the World.

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