Hope for the Roma

There is a sameness to the villages — tidy town centers, pastel-colored houses, lofty church steeples, clucking chickens in the West Ukrainian cities. Then come the “Gypsy rows:” clusters of sagging, splintered huts where members of the Roma minority live on the fringes.

For hundreds of years, the Roma people (often known as Gypsies) were enslaved, persecuted, sterilized, and systematically exterminated in European countries. Even today, they face barriers in almost every aspect of public life. With the advent of Covid19, they face a new wave of discrimination because they are feared as “virus carriers.”

But God is at work in the Roma community of Chop. Led by Global Action graduates Sasha and Angela, the local church has been pouring into the Roma community for years through children’s camps and other outreaches. Many Roma have come to Christ through their faithful witness!

And just a few days ago, Global Action partnered with them to distribute desperately needed food & supplies to 70 Roma families. I saw tears of joy when the gifts were received, and many committed their lives to Christ. The food came just in time – some of the families had not been able to feed their children for 3 days.

It fills my heart to see Global Action graduates passionately serving the needy with the love of Christ. These leaders are making an immeasurable difference in the vulnerable Roma community as they share the hope of the Gospel in word and deed. Thank you for making this possible. There are many more Roma villages like this throughout Ukraine, where families are facing desperate times of hunger. They need your help. Donate now to help local leaders like Sasha and Angela minister to families on the brink, and give lasting hope today.


For the world,

Igor Grishajev
Director of Europe

P.S. If you’d like to learn more about the Roma people in Ukraine, listen to our Turning the Tide Podcast episode, Jews, Gypsies, and the Gospel in Ukraine.

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