Hope for the Outcast


Who is your neighbor? For our team in India, the answer is impoverished HIV+ widows. These women are stigmatized and are unable to obtain work or even rent apartments because of their disease. The only home they have found is with other outcasts in the local lepers’ slum.

Five Global Action leaders have been brokenhearted over the plight of these widows, and they have been ministering to over 60 of them for two years. Though they are from a predominantly Hindu unreached people group, several women have come to Christ! They are now in the process of planting a church in this hurting community.

These are the poorest of the poor, who are forced to rely on begging for their livelihood. But today, our Global Action team in India partnered with these five leaders and another local church to distribute food to each of these 60 widows. Because of your generosity, these poor widows will have the food they need in the midst of this global pandemic! And not only are the leaders meeting urgent physical needs as they share the Good News, but they will also be training other locals to carry forward the work they have started. What an amazing bridge to the Gospel!

Our leaders around the world have many more projects like this planned for the coming days. We can’t wait to share those stories with you! But we need your help to make them a reality. We invite you to let mercy interrupt your journey. Will you join us?

For His glory,                                                                                             Donate

Bailey Bada
Development Coordinator

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