The Kingdom of God

Like many Americans, I stayed up late last night waiting for the results of the presidential election. Americans went to the polls in record numbers to vote for their preferred candidate. And as of this morning (when I wrote this), we are still waiting. This sense of waiting reminds me of our long wait for the kingdom of God.  I’m reminded of that turn of phrase in the gospels about “waiting for the kingdom of God,” (Mark 15:43).

We are still waiting. We pray in the Lord’s prayer, “may your kingdom come.” We say with the church around the world, “come, Lord Jesus.” But while we are waiting for the kingdom to come—it is such good news for every follower of Christ that our Lord is sovereign over all things. All things. Even while we live in exile, “the Most High rules over the kingdom of man—and gives it to whomever he wishes,” (Daniel 4:17). Wow! What encouraging words!

Our team met yesterday and prayed for our nation. And we also prayed for our work around the world. We believe presidential elections are important. But we believe that the most important thing in the world is the gospel—and our unshakeable confidence that Christ is Lord of the nations. Even while we wait for his kingdom to come, He is Lord our our nation, our world—and our lives. And He is good, wise, and trustworthy.

Thank you for faithful support in spreading this good news around the world. May the Lord bless and keep us all as we wait.

For our team,

Lionel Young
Executive Vice President

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