Recognizing Amit Mondal

Celebrating 20 years of service


This month we would like to congratulate and thank Amit Mondal for his 20 years of service to Global Action! Amit is our Director of South Asia, and brings such excellence, creativity, passion, and Christ-like leadership to our ministry. 

Based in Hyderabad, India, Amit first began working with Global Action in an administrative role. His leadership qualities quickly became apparent, and he started taking on more responsibilities, coordinating programs, and communicating with local pastors and leaders.

“I began to understand and see the bigger picture of Global Action’s mission. The first thing I realized and learned is that the church is not just about the size of a building, but it is about the people and the community we serve. Being a mission leader, everything you do should connect the church to the people and lead them in the right direction to expand the kingdom of God.”

Amit says he’s most proud of the work Global Action does in rural areas where he sees needs are the greatest. Seeing strong foundations being built in communities and hearing personal stories of how the gospel is at work in people’s lives reminds him every day that, “We are on the right track.” 

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