Roma Reaching Roma

Roma Reaching Roma

Global Action student Viacheslav has been transformed as a leader. He is from a primarily Muslim Roma tribe that is centered in Crimea. They are traditionally very poor, and many lack education. Viacheslav is no exception. He leads a Roma church in Merefa, Ukraine, and when he had the opportunity to enroll in Global Action’s training program he was thrilled!

Since Viacheslav struggles to write, he faced a big challenge in taking the classes. But he was determined to learn for the sake of his church! He recorded all the teachings, and then would study them more thoroughly at home.

Viacheslav’s dedication paid off. Learning to faithfully interpret the Bible completely transformed his ministry. His preaching and evangelism look nothing like they did before, and now he feels that he is able to understand and apply Scripture much more effectively. Praise God!

Viacheslav is serving and reaching people with the Gospel that you and I could never reach. As a Roma himself, he understands the unique challenges facing the people in his community. He is able to speak to people’s hearts in a way that an outsider never could. And now he is equipped to understand, teach, and live out the Gospel faithfully in his context!

Your partnership with Global Action helps make solid biblical training accessible to pastors like Viacheslav, who would otherwise be limited by their socioeconomic status or education level. These leaders are already serving, but they lack the training they need to lead healthy churches.

Will you help us train more leaders like Viacheslav? Right now, you can take advantage of a special opportunity to have your gift MATCHED by a generous donor. Please consider giving sustainable community transformation by equipping ministry leaders in hard places.

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