Serving the Under-Served in Wartime

When the war in Ukraine started, Global Action leapt into action. We were especially aware of the needs of the Roma people who, traditionally, have been ignored by leaders and communities and are treated as lower-class citizens. Because of our work with Roma pastor Mykola (pictured above), a 2012 Foundations graduate, Global Action continues to ensure this vulnerable population is safe and receiving the physical and spiritual care they need. Thanks to Pastor Mykola, the Word is flourishing among this community during a time hope and faith often seem to be the only thing to cling to. Here is an update in his words.

When the Russian invasion started in February, Global Action supported our vision to meet the Gypsy communities in our small towns and supply them with food and other supplies. Every module I took during my class study was applicable to my ministry. What I didn’t expect is that it was preparing me for the completely unexpected! The tools I learned as a student are now helping me navigate difficult war situations that you do not normally see.

We were so encouraged by the way we were equipped in our Foundations classes that we do not want to stop making disciples!

In March 2022, Global Acton supported our evacuation from Kharkiv when artillery bombardment intensified. At that point, I was not able to bring most of my people from our church into the city of Uzhgorod. So, we started holding church services in a gypsy Christian church that is pastored by another Foundations graduate. We settled there and then began searching for what the Lord wanted.

In doing this, we discovered that there were a lot of Roma refugee camps in the area. We went out to equip them the same way Global Action equipped us. Now, we have two gypsy churches in the vicinity of Uzhgorod, and this month we are starting programs in those churches. Our team is witnessing life-changing experiences as many gypsies are now seeking God and starting a new life. We aren’t just adding leaders, we are multiplying them!

Pastor Mykola and Roma pastors
Since March 2022, Pastor Mykola (pictured far right with our Director Igor Grishajev in red) has founded five Roma men’s groups that consist of 48 pastors and leaders from Roma Christian communities. Most of the pastors are illiterate, but Mykola is a gifted Roma teacher who knows how to use the Foundations material to teach those who cannot read or write. Because he knows the culture, Pastor Mykola is able to deliver the information in a way that is understood and valued. What a blessing he is to our ministry! 
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