Serving Those Who Serve

Ever since COVID-19 hit, our ministry leaders have been working tirelessly to meet the needs of those suffering the most. Graduates Rechita & Lalitha are two such leaders who have been pouring themselves out for their neighbors in India. Yet, they are not exempt from the struggles facing those they serve. Rechita & Lalitha, like many of our ministry leaders worldwide, are facing starvation along with their families. They are giving what’s left of their scarce supplies to families in need, leaving them wanting.

Through our Good Samaritan Project, we have been able to provide food and support to ministry leaders who are facing urgent need. What a blessing it is to be an answer the prayers of people like Rechita & Lalitha! When they received their food packages, they couldn’t control their tears saying, “God knows everyone’s needs and He sent his angels right on time to meet those needs.”

You have helped us feed 63 ministry families in India just like Rechita & Lalitha, who were struggling while silently continuing to serve others. What a joy it is to be able to provide food for these faithful servants! Even in the face of their own dire need, they remain faithful in their commitment to serve their church and people. You have helped us bless and encourage each of these dedicated leaders!

I am truly grateful that God has provided through our generous supporters. God is using you to answer the prayers of those out in the field. I urge you to continue supporting these leaders as they serve a world in desperate need. They still need us, and we still need you.

For His Glory,

Amit Mondal
Director of South Asia



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