Thank You from Cuba!

My name is Yuniel Cruz, and I am originally from Cuba. My wife Susel and I are very happy to be part of the Global Action family, because together we are changing the world! I serve as the Director of Latin America and the Caribbean, a region which is experiencing tremendous growth. In 2020, we will be training more than 500 pastors and leaders!

I want to tell you one of the many stories that has greatly inspired me. José Luis Hernández is one of the students in our first graduating class from Cuba. I had the privilege of meeting him on the first day of the program, and then again on his graduation day in October. At graduation, he shared with me how when he had started the Foundations program, he was leading one house church. But now, he is planting two more! When I asked him how this was possible, his response amazed me. He said that he began teaching people everything he was learning through Global Action, and they began to teaching others as well! As a result of this multiplication, their ministry has now doubled in size over the period of just a few months. Jose Luis gives all the thanks to God and Global Action. Stories like this fill me joy – we are indeed changing the world!

This year, we are seeking to grow in more countries like Mexico, Panama, and Costa Rica. On behalf of the hundreds of students we trained last year, and the 500 we plan to train in 2020, I want to express our deepest thanks. Thank you for your love and support, and for making stories like those of José Luis continue to happen. You are the true heroes, who make this great work possible. May the Lord bless you and reward you.

Your brother in Christ,

Rev. Yuniel Cruz

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