The Difference

David* is one of our most recent graduates from Bhutan, a hermit kingdom of nearly a million people who are in need of the Gospel. David had been passionately preaching and leading others for 5 years before he began training with Global Action. When he graduated a few weeks ago, he tearfully shared that he was ashamed of the things he had been preaching in the past. He had been teaching people things that he didn’t understand, and much of it had been incorrect. People followed him and believed everything he said because they didn’t know any better.

But now, he shared with joy, everything has changed. Equipped with godly leadership skills and a solid foundation in Scripture, David is not only leading his congregation well – he is being used of God to spread the Gospel in Bhutan, a country closed to American missionaries but wide open to Gospel witness through well-trained Bhutanese leaders!

There are more Davids waiting for us, not only in Bhutan but throughout the world – including Africa! These leaders love the Lord and want to shepherd their churches well, but they are completely cut off from access to the biblical training they need. You can help transform communities from the inside out by becoming a monthly partner. It’s only through your generosity that we can answer the call to bring our training where it is needed most.

Biblical training makes all the difference in the world. Will you help make the difference? 

Lionel Young III, PhD

Executive Vice President

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