The Gospel in Costa Rica

When you think of Costa Rica you probably think of tropical rain forests, spectacular waterfalls, beautiful beaches, and incredible volcanoes. However, once you step foot off the “guided tour” and get to know the local people, you realize that Costa Rica is like many other developing countries with people living in extreme poverty, dependent on fluctuations in tourism, and in desperate need of the gospel.

Roy Soto pastors a vibrant church in Fraijanes, Costa Rica (near San Jose), and he has recently become part of our Global Action community. When he and his wife planted their church in this rural town, they encountered much opposition from the locals. But they persevered. And instead of turning inward in the face of opposition, they turned outward. They looked for creative ways to meet needs in their community, and they did these things as an expression of the unmerited, sacrificial love of God. And their community has been changing dramatically.

The church started a day center for the elderly in the community who have no one to care for them. They started a center for abused women, and they do frequent ministry among the many impoverished families in a nearby shantytown. They build houses for the homeless and needy families in their community. They even started a greenhouse, a strawberry farm, and a restaurant to help provide sustainable income to fund their ministries. Wow!

I’m telling you about Roy because Global Action is working with non-Western leaders like him to equip more leaders throughout the world. When you give to Global Action, you are giving to support an organization that is comprised of people from all over the world who are working together to take the gospel to the nations. We can accomplish more when we work together!

Thank you for supporting the work of Global Action! Your giving is making a difference around the world.

Together for the Gospel,

F. Lionel Young III, PhD
Executive Vice President

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