The Mighty Pen of RJ

Dear Friends,

You’ve probably heard the old adage that “the pen is mightier than the sword.” Indeed, our lives have been transformed forever by the written word of God – the sword of the Spirit that transforms our lives. A “pen” is a powerful weapon in the hand of a skilled writer.

We have one of those skilled writers in RJ Koerper, who is our Vice President of Curriculum and Training. His work is a labor of love. He’s often hidden away in the study for hours, painstakingly writing cutting-edge materials that are translated into different languages for leaders in the global church. He is also assisted in his work by Susan Kerr, a writer and editor who knows how to turn a phrase!

RJ knows his way around the world. He’s well-educated, well-traveled, and he’s been following Christ for many decades now. He stays up with current trends and he knows what our pastors need. He also works with a great team of people from Latin America, South Asia, and Eastern Europe to make sure that we are listening to the voices of those who are on the front-lines of the churches we are serving. RJ is getting it done for Global Action!

We are thankful for RJ’s “mighty pen” that is being used to change lives forever. He (and we) could not do what we do without your support. This mission we are on to change the world forever is BIG. It takes a team of people writing, giving, preaching, teaching, praying, leading – all for the purpose of seeing more lives changed forever throughout the world.

For Changed Lives,

Rick Thompson

PS. If you know RJ, think about forwarding this e-mail on to a friend and telling them about the work we are doing at Global Action.

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