Touching Hearts in India

We have been so encouraged by God’s answers to our prayers, even in a season of unknowns. And he has continued to amaze us! In January 2021, we conducted training in Amritsar (along the border with Pakistan) for 50 leaders! We had our second leadership seminar in East Godavari with another 40 leaders, and in February we conducted a youth seminar among the Banjara people group. We are prayerfully planning to train many more leaders from ten additional locations across India.

Your support during this pandemic has also allowed to us to touch many lives through our Good Samaritan projects. Here in India, one of the pastors we have been partnering with to serve those in need is named Kiran. Kiran graduated from our training program in 2016, and he and his wife Suneetha have dedicated their lives to serving HIV+ people with the Gospel and healthcare. Our team partnered with Kiran and Suneetha to provide food packages to some of the women they have been faithfully serving. Here is one testimony from a single mother named Taj:

“As a sick person with no source of income for our livelihood, our family goes through many financial struggles. We worry throughout the day and night…in times like this, we are helpless. We have no idea what to do, and we didn’t have any food…My own father and my husband’s family abandoned us due to my sickness. Being a Muslim widow, it is very difficult to survive day-to-day life with my children. Brother Kiran and his family have always been kind to us. I thank you very much for providing food packages through the Good Samaritan Project. You Christians are kind and helpful people. I am so blessed and touched by your kindness. Thank you so much!”

Sofia, an elderly HIV+ widow who was also blessed by Pastor Kiran and the Global Action team, shared:

“No one from my community or family helped me—but you did. Thank you very much Global Action for your compassion and for providing this food to a destitute woman like me. This is what we are in desperate need of at this time. I lack the words to express my gratitude to you. I always thought there is nobody to help us, but you have shown so much compassion and mercy to us through this food package. May God protect you and bless you even more than what you have given to us.”

Thank you for partnering with us to raise up leaders like Kiran and Suneetha, who are sharing the love of God with the sick and hurting. God has already done so much through your generosity, and we look forward to all that God will do in the days ahead!

In Christ,

Amit Mondal
Director of South Asia

P.S. Watch this video to get a closer look at our Good Samaritan projects in India!

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