Training Fishers of Men

My name is Bailey Bada, and I serve as Development Coordinator with Global Action. I absolutely love getting to do something I’m so passionate about, and one of the great perks of my job is getting to hear all the stories of God working around the world!

When Lanu first came to this remote village on the coast of India as a missionary in 1982, no one there had ever heard of Jesus or Christianity. As fishermen, the villagers worshiped a sea god and followed animistic practices. When Lanu began sharing the Gospel with them, they threatened to kill him and frequently chased him out of the village.

But Lanu persevered, and his labor has produced an abundant harvest. As of today, Lanu has planted over 14 churches and led over 400 people to Christ! But all this growth created a major challenge for him. In this remote village without access even to general education or a hospital, how could he equip more leaders from the village to help shepherd all these new believers and churches?

You are helping us meet this need! Last month, a class of 26 church leaders from this village began studying the Bible together in Global Action’s Foundations program. Just as God used a missionary from northeast India to reach hundreds of the unreached in his own country, so God can use these leaders to multiply disciples across the country and the region. They will be able to impact people we could never reach ourselves.

Thank you for supporting pastors and leaders serving in the hard places of the world. Together we are making an eternal difference!

Bailey Bada
Development Coordinator

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