Ukraine Crisis Update

Ukraine Crisis Update

April 20, 2022

I think I missed the seminary class on how to pastor a church in the middle of a war.

In recent weeks I have been turning to the past, trying to learn what I can from the faithfulness of God’s people during global conflicts. I have also been learning from my brothers and sisters in Christ in Ukraine, who are remaining “steadfast” and “immovable, always abounding in the work of the Lord” in the middle of war.
Global Action equips leaders in their own countries to serve their churches and cities. Today, the pastors and ministry leaders we have equipped in Ukraine are asking for our help. In the video below, we take you inside one of the many churches that have turned their buildings into centers for displaced people fleeing the war zones. I preached in this particular church a couple of years ago and enjoyed a meal with Pastor Dima. He is serving with joy! 
Our main focus right now is getting pastors like Dima the resources they need to serve in this time of war. They are mobilizing their churches to provide food, water, shelter, first aid and essential baby products. They are providing emergency transportation for people who are in cities that are under siege, putting their lives on the line for the most vulnerable. Everywhere they go, they are also providing pastoral care for people who are in need of hope.
We can share with you that some of the pastors in our network have had their churches destroyed by bombs and have had to find shelter in other locations. A small number have been arrested by Russian authorities in the east, and at least one of our pastors has been forcefully deported along with members of his congregation.

We are hearing widespread reports of pastors who are serving with courage and confidence in the face of danger. We have been asked to refrain from reporting names at this time—though we are looking forward to sharing those stories with you.
We are thankful for your generous giving to help our brothers and sisters in Christ in Ukraine. We have been greatly surprised by the generosity of God’s people. If you or someone you know wants to help, please click on the link below. 100% of your gift will go to our Ukraine Emergency Fund. We will also be reporting to our donors directly, letting you know how your giving is being used. We take it seriously. Lives are at stake—eternal lives—and we are working hard to save as many as possible. 
Continue praying for Igor Grishajev, our Director in Eastern Europe. He is doing well, and has been traveling throughout large portions of the country. Pray for God to give him wisdom and safety as he leads.
More to come,
Dr. Lionel Young
Executive Vice President

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