Unshakeable Love

I am so excited to announce that one of our generous supporters is leading the way with a $25,000 matching gift to give hope in this time of crisis! Our leaders in places like India, Ukraine, Zimbabwe, Cuba, and Guatemala are turning their attention to the needs of the world around them—and we are continuing to provide financial support for them and their families.

Our global team is working to provide essential services to the people who are most in need! In India this week, our Global Action team distributed hundreds of non-surgical face masks for villagers who are working at roadside food markets. One of the church leaders we trained in 2018, Sanju, has decided to turn the small shop she owns into a food pantry. She’s giving out food and emergency supplies to people who have no food. And she’s talking about the gospel while she’s doing it. Powerful!

There are thousands of leaders like Sanju across India and around the world, who are trusting God with their own needs and choosing to demonstrate the unshakeable love of Christ to their communities. Your partnership makes this possible. We have lots of stories to share with you—and we will keep them coming your way. Stay tuned!

Many people are finding creative ways to give during this time of need. Some are giving away food, other are making matching gifts, some are making small donations. If you are looking for ways to help people in this world who are suffering, please consider giving hope through our matching gift today. Your tax-deductible gift is being carefully managed by our committed team around the world. Please help us in this time of need to change lives forever!

For the hope of the world,

Lionel Young

P.S. We hope you’ll be encouraged by these pictures from India!

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