It’s not easy to be a Christian in Cuba. Castro and his communist government worked hard to stamp out religion, and the suffering has been great. But God’s church was not stopped. And He is using leaders like Yuniel Cruz to strengthen the church on this isolated island.

Yuniel and his wife Susel have pastored churches, planted churches, and even started a seminary. And now they are using their passion and talent to help connect hundreds of church leaders in Cuba with the training and resources they need through Global Action.

Most of our students in Cuba have never owned a single Christian book. They cried when they received their Global Action textbooks, because they now own eight theological books that they can use for the rest of their lives (see pictures below). They will never be the same.

These leaders get it. They know that a proper understanding of the Word of God changes everything. That is why Yuniel and Susel are giving so much of their time and effort to help us bring our Foundations training to even more leaders in Cuba. That is why 70 students from one location are meeting together 8 times every month to keep studying, in addition to their monthly class. And that is why our waiting list numbers in the hundreds. Scripture changes everything.

Thank you for your prayer and support for our work in Cuba and around the world. Together, we are making a difference.

Together in Christ,

Dr. Rick Thompson
President, Global Action

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