What Sets Us Apart?

Someone asked me recently what sets Global Action apart from other mission organizations. It is a good question!

I would say first of all that I do not mean to imply that we are perfect or that other missions organizations are wrong in their approach. In fact, just as I believe it takes all kinds of churches to reach all kinds of people, I also believe it takes all kinds of mission strategies to accomplish the task of reaching the world with the gospel. That said, I do believe our approach is unique for at least three reasons:

1. We focus our resources on underserved pastors and churches in the developing world. Instead of training missionaries to go to “the outermost parts of the earth,” we seek out gospel movements in those places and resource the leaders who are already there.

2. We believe equipping and resourcing national churches and pastors in the poorest parts of the world is the most sustainable way to impact communities. Instead of directing charitable gifts to put band-aids on systemic problems, we believe it makes more sense to equip and strengthen the churches that are tasked with meeting societal needs long term. We believe a church that is salt and light in a community and loves and serves the way Jesus loved and served will go a long way to solving systemic problems at the very root. Resourcing national churches is an investment in sustainable charity.

3. Over the years we have developed an approach for training under-resourced leaders that has proven very effective. We call it “the secret sauce” of our program— it is a way of mentoring and educating our students that is somewhat non-traditional but very impactful. Our curriculum is designed to encourage group involvement and relationship-building. It is theologically robust but culturally transcendent. Our faculty is mostly non-western and highly educated, with a passion for discipleship. Our program combines traditional teaching methods with concentrated learning environments. By the end of the nine months of our program, leaders have not only been equipped but have also forged lifelong friendships along with a variety of mentors. And this year we are adding another dimension to our program that will help pastors develop ministry plans for community transformation. I believe this new approach is a game-changer for us! I can’t wait to see the results of this in 2021 and beyond. Next year we plan to equip 1,900 leaders around the world!

As you can tell, I am passionate about what we do! I am excited to partner with you in the months ahead and am so grateful for your faithfulness to Global Action.

For His glory,

Rick Thompson

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