Who Is Your Hero?

Who is your hero? Is it a famous actor or pro athlete? Our culture tends to glorify “super heroes” and celebrities, people who seek fame and glory for themselves. But we believe that the greatest heroes aren’t in the limelight – they’re the people who live for helping others and making a difference, even if the world never knows their name.

At Global Action, our heroes are not household names. But they are impacting households and entire communities in incredible ways! Our heroes are the men and women who are risking their lives for the Gospel in hard places – places where Western missionaries can’t go.

We’d like to introduce you to some of our heroes. We want you to know their stories, because we think they’ll inspire you. They just might become your heroes too!

But we don’t just want you to hear their stories – we want you to be part of them! For the months of April and May, a generous donor with big vision has given us a matching gift opportunity of $50,000. This means your gift can have double the impact! Join us this month as we celebrate our heroes and raise the funds needed to train 150 more. 150 more heroes risking their lives for the Gospel. 150 more heroes changing the world for eternity. Be part of the story!

For the Kingdom,

Rick Thompson

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