Jana Bush

My name is Janna Bush, I recently graduated from the GLOMOS program with my husband, Saul Wood. We both minister in La Mosquita, Gracia a Dios, Honduras.

Bob Smith, Global Action's Board Chairman, with Janna at her recent graduation

Bob Smith, Global Action's Board Chairman, with Janna at her recent graduation

I have not always been a follower of Jesus. In our home town witchcraft and sorcery is very strong and many people turn to these practices to find answers for the problems of life. In this atmosphere, I grew up with the Catholic religion but found no answers or real life in this religion. In 1992, my life changed forever. I had a sickness that not even the doctors could diagnose or understand. I had an extremely high fever but there was no infection in my body. My husband was desperate and sought help from witchcraft and local sorcerers to no avail. Then the Lord send a friend to pray for me and a miracle happened. I was healed!  God freed me from the lie of the enemy!  That day my husband and I gave our lives to the Lord.

I attended GLOMOS to acquire the knowledge to train leaders on how to reach other leaders for Christ. Because of the area's intense witchcraft and strong culture, this training has equipped me with necessary tools to reach the Mestizo and Garifuna people. Our church is growing and we have 80 people, children and adults included. As a group leader and worship leaders we travel to other cities to worship, to do a door-to-door evangelism, to set prayer vigils, and organize evangelistic campaigns. We meet four times each week and God continues to do great things in my life and our church family. Recently both my spine and ankle were healed. Also a young boy who was involved in witchcraft was delivered. Now he is a healthy and free child! Gloria Dios!! Next year (2015) my husband and I have the privilege to start a training program with GLOMOS for other pastors in our area of La Mosquita.

Our family is very precious and important to me. Our three children, Saul, David and Dana are all very close and we do ministry together. Please pray for us to have strong family times as well as ministry times. This area is an intense battlefield for the kingdom and we need your prayers.