A Challenge

As 2015 comes to a close, I reflect on the many lives that God has touched this year through the ministry of Global Action. I am also reminded that without you and your dedicated partnership with us, none of this would be possible. From the bottom of my heart… Thank you!

A real life story…

Pastor Alek and his wife, Renata

Pastor Alek and his wife, Renata

Pastor Alek is in his early 30s and lives in Ukraine on the border of Hungary. He is an associate pastor of the “Church of Jesus Christ” in Uzhhorod, which has 100 members. He is also a Roma, known to many as a “Gypsy.” The Roma have been persecuted for centuries and are labeled as social outcasts. During WWII, the Nazi killed 600,000 members of the Roma population because they were considered at the top of the list of “racial inferiors.” As you can imagine, it is hard for them to trust anyone outside of their own people as that persecution continues on today.

Even so, earlier this year Global Action had many requests for pastoral training in the Roma community to equip young frontline pastors like Alek, both biblically and practically for action in their communities. Although Alek received Christ as a teenager, he has no formal Bible training and still has limited understanding of the Bible. In fact, though Alek was able to finish his public education, his level of schooling is still severely lacking. This is not uncommon as 80% of the Roma population is considered illiterate.

In response, Global Action began our 9-month Bible school, GLOMOS, in Uzhhorod on the Hungarian/ Slovakian border. Pastor Alek and his wife, Renata, are two of 35 students that just finished the first 4 months of study. It has not been easy because twelve members of the class cannot read or write.

After our most recent class, Alek said that even in such a short time, he has come to know so much more about the Bible and has been able to use it as a tool to make disciples in new ways from other churches. Because the knowledge and experience he is receiving in GLOMOS is so practical, he said that he is able to immediately use it in his church and share it with other leaders. These are exactly the results that we want to see!

For 2016, we have recruited over 700 leaders, like Alek and Renata, who are ready to begin their studies. In addition to this, we are receiving invitations to several new areas of the world, some in countries that are “closed” to the Gospel and should be able to tell you more about those in the near future. We are extremely excited about these opportunities.

Don’t forget about the $50,000 “GA Board Challenge”!

As most of you are aware, the Global Action board recently gave $50,000 in order to challenge the Global Action family to join with them and match those funds. If we receive the additional $50,000, we will be able to equip an additional 100 students next year.

So far, we are pleased to say that many have already given and we are grateful. We send a big “Thank You!” to all of you who have given. However, we are still looking for others to step in and help us fulfill the remainder of the second $50,000. Please pray about giving a sacrificial year-end donation above and beyond your normal giving. Think of the hundreds of lives in a community like the Roma that will be touched forever by your ministry partnership!

God has blessed our ministry so much this year and He has done so through the generosity of Global Action financial partners like you. Together, we have touched literally hundreds of thousands of lives. Thank you again for your prayers and support! We are grateful for your continued ministry partnership toward this great and biblical mission in 2016 and beyond.

Have a wonderful Christmas season!

Many blessings,

Phil Long
International President

P.S.  Have you ever considered a stock donation?  If you are interested hearing more, please contact Phil or Carin at 719.528.8728 or email me at phil.long (at) globalaction.com.