This Is Discipleship

This past year has marked a significant shift in strategy at Global Action with our GLOMOS ministry that has trained several thousand pastors in developing countries around the world, during our 18 years of existence. In response to the teacher training that outgoing president Phil Long and I did in Honduras last January, the 35 leaders that we trained began their own GLOMOS classes in 13 different locations in Honduras, two leaders led theirs in Guatemala , and  this October we will graduate 267 students who will be equipped as pastors, church planters, and church leaders. That is very significant in itself! But again, as we did last year, we will be taking our best students from these graduates, training them again in January to teach GLOMOS, and this next year we are anticipating 500 students in 30 different locations!

This is the dynamic of exponential growth of discipleship that Jesus commanded us to do in Matthew 28, and this is our primary mission at Global Action: to engage the Global Church to Fulfill Christ’s Great Commission…empowering its leaders to make disciples.

Both the urgency and importance of our equipping ministry was tested this summer in Chamelecon, near San Pedro Sula. Last year in October we graduated 13 GLOMOS students, in Pastor Edwin’s growing church in a community that was mostly deserted until about two years ago. The drugs and gang violence were so bad that 25,000 people had left the area, and only after military intervention, were residents slowly moving back into the town. God blessed, the church grew rapidly, and this year Pastor Edwin, also a GLOMOS graduate, taught GLOMOS in two other locations. But tragedy struck this summer when gang members drove by the church with guns, began shooting, left cars riddled with bullets and 8 people seriously wounded, including his worship leader.

The church in Chamelecon

The church in Chamelecon

Though seven are recovering from their wounds, one young man died, but did receive Christ as his Savior hours before his death at a local hospital. Though the motives aren’t certain, it appears as though this was a payback from the gang, because earlier in the summer four key members of that gang accepted Christ and were baptized. There were some that tried to discourage Pastor Edwin from continuing, telling him that people won’t come to the church. They were wrong. In response to the tragedy, 152 people have come to Christ as a result, and the church community has come together in an unbelievable show of unity and determination to overcome evil with good! This is the church as Jesus meant it to be! This is discipleship!

This is why your support is so crucial! When you partner with us in prayer, you are connecting your shield of faith with ours and together we are fighting this spiritual battle, with eternity at stake for so many. When you partner with us financially you are not only investing in advancing God’s Kingdom, but the generational impact will be significant. One trained leader will train 10-50 others, who will plant churches, disciple others, equip other leaders, who will plant churches, and so fuel a movement that is grounded in relational discipleship. But to do that well, we need your financial support in these areas:

  • We are currently rewriting the GLOMOS curriculum to make it more practical and more transferable. We have very capable writers and editors, but we need the resources for translating, preparing and printing the manuals as well as the teacher training manual. We want this task to be completed by October of 2017.
  • We plan on training 75 new trainers in January 2017. Many of these leaders do not have the resources to attend the three-day seminar. A donation of $50 would provide a much needed scholarship.
  • God is leading us to open GLOMOS in Jaigaon this next year on the India Bhutan border. We have a local leader, and 25-30 Bhutanese pastors ready to be trained. A monthly donation of $50 will provide training for one of these pastors who will go back to a country that is still closed to the gospel.
  • We have begun our GLOMOS classes in Uzhgorod, Ukraine. These classes are being videotaped and shown through YouTube in a Russian controlled area of Ukraine to nine pastors. Any donation to this ministry will help extend our teaching ministry to places that can’t be reached any other way.
  • We have already begun to network with other like-minded ministries who will come alongside Global Action and provide ongoing training for our GLOMOS graduates. Your financial support will help make this possible.
Teacher training at El Faro in January 2016

Teacher training at El Faro in January 2016

As you can see, God is using Global Action and GLOMOS in significant ways, and this next year promises to be our best year yet! But we so need your ongoing support to make this happen. Will you pray for us as we seek the Lord to show us how best we can serve Him in making disciples? Will you pray about what He would have you do in coming along side us with your financial support, either through a one time gift or through a monthly donation. Thank you in advance for all you do for Global Action!

For His glory,

R.J. Koerper
President, Global Action

We appreciate all your prayers and support!

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