Timely Help

This week our office received news of two pastors in India who were beaten and persecuted because of their Christian faith and because of their Christian ministries. One was arrested and beaten, "they made me suffer" he said. The other one was beaten severely by his own family. The second case was in a old-new area of India where we had worked in the past through our GLOMOS classes and where we just re-launched classes. The story of my brother, R.C.*, below is a small glimpse of what the Lord is still doing around the world when people see Him and want to know Him and when they want to make Him known. R.C. is now one of the new GLOMOS students and I can't wait to see what the Lord will do through His ministry!

Please continue to pray with us for God's protection and His presence around all of our GLOMOS classes, teachers, students, and Global Action leaders and staff members!

I pray all God's blessings to you and all your loved ones!

In Christ,

Nasko Lazarov

*(R.C.'s name is fake as I changed my brother's name for security purposes and for protection of his identity).


I am R.C. and I was born in a Roman Catholics family where I was the eldest son among 6 brothers. My father was a small-time farmer, and since childhood I saw my family facing financial crisis, which also costed my education. I was able to finish my 10th grade but after that I never had any chance to study further and this has been a frustration. There was also another problem in my family. When someone was sick and my parents worshiped other gods and goddesses, even going to Hindu priests for sorcery, there was no result. This made me even more frustrated, and I started to live a sinful life and became a drug addict.

At that time one of my cousins took me to his church, where for first time in my life I enjoyed the worship. When I told my cousin that I enjoyed very much the worship he encouraged me to come back again and to attend their church Sunday services. I started attending their church but my parents were very much unhappy with me that I started going to a non-Catholic church. As I continued to attend church, my parents told me that if I don’t stop they will stop all my family support.  I couldn't stop going as I already had heard many testimonies and met many persecuted people in that church and I saw firsthand how they still didn’t lose their hope in Christ. My pastor preached and taught me how to hold on to the faith in Christ and how through faith that we meet Christ and I began to understand what true Christianity was. Slowly God began to work in my heart and I accepted Christ as my savior in 2006.

As a new Christian, I started inviting my pastor and believers to my home so my family could also have fellowship with them. In the beginning, my parents were not so welcoming them but they too understood and experienced the godly blessings when the sickness was gone from our home.

My pastor encouraged me to start a fellowship, so I started a fellowship in our village but due to high persecutions and constant life-threats, our fellowship stopped meeting after three months. I was depressed and was seeking answers.

Jeremiah 29:11 says  ‘For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans for welfare and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope.’

In few months’ time God took me to a village where a tribe that speaks mostly their own tribal language and they live among themselves. This is one of the reasons why they are one of the most rejected tribes but God helped me to start a fellowship among them.

I realized that I needed trained and equipped with Word of God to continue my work among this unreached community. I was praying for an opportunity where I can get a systematic training on theology. A pastor friend of mine told me about the GLOMOS program and that it is starting again in our area. I praise God for this opportunity because I believe that, God is fulfilling all His promises to me and I will be a useful vessel in the hands of God.