Discipleship Round the Clock

Equipping pastors and church leaders for effective church ministry is a round-the-clock work, we don't stop or take breaks (well, we take naps from time to time) but the process is ongoing. We just completed another module of our training in Ukraine - three days of teaching sessions on the New Testament.

As you watch this short video, pray with us for a dozen outreaches that our graduates are going to do in December and January that will minister to over 700 children-at-risk in Ukraine, sharing the Gospel and the love of God with them. As our students were learning about the New Testament and how it all fits in the larger plan of God and His Kingdom, they get to live out practically what they learn in their classroom.

Thank you for your prayers and for your continued support!

New Testament Module is now completed in Ukraine for this year. Take a look and listen to what our teacher and students share... The Kingdom of God is much larger than any church, denomination, or organization!