One Blanket. One Soul. Heaven Rejoicing.

Stories likes these warm my heart and bring tears to my eyes because they are a fresh reminder of the simplicity of the Gospel and a reminder that in God's economy, whenever one soul is saved, there is much rejoicing in Heaven.

This update comes from Amit Mondal, the administrator of our office in Hyderabad, India. I hope that the short testimony is encouraging to you, too. Thank you again for being part of what we do around the world - equipping pastors for effective ministry so they can reach and minister to their people and communities! #makedisciplesnow


Laxmi, "For a first time ever someone loved me!"

Laxmi, "For a first time ever someone loved me!"

Laxmi is a Hindu widow who lives in her daughter’s house. In India, living in a daughter’s house is shameful but as she has no place else to live, she is forced to live there. Her daughter and her son-in-law don’t care much for her and Laxmi has she lost all her hopes for help from her own god and from her family.

One day, our GLOMOS alumni pastor Timothy asked her to come to church and to receive a gift. Laxmi came with a doubtful heart but she was very surprised when she received her gift, a warm blanket. She asked the pastor “What do I need to do for you?” to which the pastor surprisingly asked her back, “Why would you ask this?” “I need to do all the house work for my daughter’s household in order to stay and to have food, so I thought that I needed to do some work for you as well.”

The pastor was saddened but he quoted from John 14 and told her to not trouble her heart, and that God loves her, and so does Jesus, the Son of God. He also shared her the verse from Revelation 21:4. Laxmi was overjoyed and exclaimed, “No one until today had loved me so much and I’ve never ever received any free gifts in my life but today my life was changed.” She thanked the pastor and went home but now she has become a regular member of this GLOMOS church. Our alumni is regularly teaching in the Bible and she now lives in peace. Recently, she’s committed her life to Christ and is getting ready for a water baptism.

We praise God that through the distribution of only 100 blankets, all given with the love, care, and with the Word of God, Laxmi’s life was saved and changed. 

On January 22, 2016, 100 people received free blankets. All these people are from remote villages and live in very poor conditions. Most of them make their living from rather smaller farm land and all of them are well over 50 years of age.