Planning to Expand in 2017 to Rio Dulce (Sweet River)

Pastor Danny Lopez (back) praying with Gloria Fernandez for Pastor Juan Pop

Pastor Danny Lopez (back) praying with Gloria Fernandez for Pastor Juan Pop

by Gloria Fernandez

This is the third year we have been teaching GLOMOS at El Faro, in Guatemala. We have been blessed to be teaching two important ethnic groups, the Maya Q’eqchis and the Garifunas (descendants of African slaves) from the town of Livingston.

It has been a challenge to teach our Maya Q’qchi pastors since their mother tongue is Q’qchi and they speak a broken Spanish. Most of them have little formal education, and reading and writing in Spanish is difficult for them. Culturally, they are very conservative and extremely attached to their traditions. These pastors have their ministries in the mountains and river bends of Rio Dulce (Sweet River) in the State of Izabal. To get to class, the majority of them have to walk several hours to get to a place where they can ride a canoe, then take a motor boat to El Faro. In spite of all their obstacles, they are faithfully present in class ready to learn.

Currently we have seven Maya Q’qchi pastors attending GLOMOS.  One of them is Pastor Juan Pop. He is the Supervisor of 27 churches of his denomination (Iglesia Evangelica Embajadores de Cristo) Ambassadors of Christ Evangelical Church. Although he has only received the first three modules of GLOMOS, he has been impacted by the training he is receiving. Two weeks ago he requested a little meeting between class sessions with me. He would like our ministry to train all of the pastors under his supervision in the Rio Dulce area. We are already planning for this next expansion of GLOMOS, including all the logistics to teach in this remote but beautiful part of the world, where pastors and leaders are passionate about preaching the gospel, but lack the tools and training for an effective ministry.

I am grateful that the Lord is opening new locations that in the past have been closed to any kind of non-denominational theological training. 

Gloria Fernandez - National Director, Honduras and Guatemala