Jesus Is In the Center

This is what we do: we equip pastors and church leaders so they can have effective ministries in equipping others to share the Gospel and to minister to those in need! We are all about #makedisciplesnow and we make sure that Jesus is in the center.

This is a recent video update from Igor Grishajev and from our GLOMOS training - it's more than just classroom teaching and sessions and taking notes and learning - it's practical, it's out in the communities, doing what Jesus would do! Our students' ministries get more effective... no, their lives are transformed and infused with passion and desire to know Jesus and to make Him known! Their ministries to the orphans and the widows, to the outcasts and the marginalized are very effective as they are "on the ground" all the time!

Thank you for your partnership and support! We can't do it without you! Enjoy the video!