Urgent Prayers for India

Pray for our young Foundations graduate from Ranchi

One of our young Foundations graduates from Ranchi is being persecuted for his faith in God. When he was 16, he became a Maoist and was involved in many antisocial activities. In 2010, God started working in his life through a tribal pastor who is being discipled by Global Action Foundations alumnus.

Our young graduate started his fellowship in 2011 with just 5 believers. He turned his life from persecuting people to serving people. Since he started his walk with Christ, he has faced continuous persecution by Hindu mobs. His life has been threatened, but he never stopped. Last month the mobs attacked him in his home, beat him badly in front of his family, and took him away. The next morning, his family found him in police lock-up with false allegations leveled against him. At present time, our young graduate is still in prison and it is not known how to get him released.

Please pray for our graduate, his family, and our other Christian brothers and sisters as the Jharkhand government has passed the anti-conversion bill. Christian pastors and leaders in the state of Jharkhand are facing high levels of persecution.

Christians in India are a significant minority and are desperate for Bible training. $1200 per year (only $100 per month) will train 1 pastor for the entire year. Will you help us reach the nations by sponsoring a pastor in this area? A donation today will be matched $.50 cents for every $1 up to $14,000 matched. Help us today: https://globalaction.givingfuel.com/giving-page

Nasko Lazarov