On the Move: Bhutan

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Dear Ministry Partners,

Many of you probably didn’t know we are working in Bhutan! For believers living in this Buddhist nation, which is considered one of the least evangelized in the world, life is very hard. Church buildings are illegal, and leading people to Christ is forbidden. Operation World states that Bhutanese who become Christians “face the loss of their citizenship, of other benefits – such as free education, health care, employment – and of access to electricity and water.” In spite of these hardships, many Bhutanese are hungry for the Gospel!

For Global Action, this presents a tremendous opportunity. Bhutan borders India, Nepal and Southwest China—and Bhutanese leaders not only have an opportunity to impact their own nation, but they can also raise up leaders in their churches who can go to places where we cannot go. This is the power of the Church working together all over the world.

You should receive a letter in the mail soon making an appeal to help us at Global Action do even more in 2019. Would you begin praying now about doing something really special? My wife and I will be giving. Our board members will be giving. And your gift, I promise, will change lives forever. And I’m committed to keeping you updated on how lives are being changed forever in places like Bhutan. Even if you’ve never heard of it—the name of Jesus is being proclaimed there right now by graduates you helped support. That gets me excited.

With Gratitude,


Rick Thompson