An Unfinished Task - Global Action On the Move

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Dear Ministry Partners,

I read a sermon recently by John Piper about the theology of missions and wanted to share a portion of it with you because it speaks to the incredible importance of what we are doing. He talks about two important facts that should inspire us to be involved in training more leaders around the world.

“One fact is the tremendous unfinished task before the church of Christ [the global church]. About half of the world's 5.2 billion [now 7.6 billion] people live in people groups where the church is either nonexistent or so small and weak as to need outside help in evangelizing its people. That means that about half of the world's individuals are culturally cut off from the witness of the gospel [emphasis mine]."

“The other fact is the incredible nominalism and leadership void in the national churches around the world as well as at home. There are insufficient leaders for the churches to be able to both teach believers and mobilize them for evangelism. The weakness of professing Christians and the poverty of leadership in the churches around the world is a major cause of why the task of world evangelism is not finished [emphasis mine]."

John Piper gets it right. And that’s why we exist at Global Action. To reach more people with the Gospel of Jesus Christ and strengthen the global church — by training more effective, godly leaders. I’m thrilled to be part of this work. We do not take your support for granted. Let’s finish the “unfinished task” we have been given by our Lord — TOGETHER!

In Christ,


Rick Thompson