Giving Tuesday - Global Action On the Move

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Dear Friends,

Have you heard of Giving Tuesday? It's a day that is set aside for people to give to the organizations they're most excited about. This Tuesday, we will be using your gifts to provide biblical education materials for pastors in Cuba! Cuban pastors are on fire for Christ and passionate about reaching their country with the Gospel — but they don’t have access to the resources they need. You can help us fill this gap! For only $25 you can provide all the educational materials for one Cuban pastor to go through our program. We already have 360 pastors signed up, and hundreds more are on the waiting list. With our program and materials, these pastors will be equipped to lead healthy, multiplying churches that will transform their communities.

You can make a one-time gift of any amount God lays on your heart. You may also decide that this is the year that you want to commit to provide theological education for a pastor or Christian leader. It now costs $50 a month to provide life-changing theological education for a pastor. Our program provides foundational education, advanced training and networking opportunities, and on-going mentoring to create lasting community impact. It’s tested. It’s proven. It changes lives.

We believe God has called us to equip leaders — because one leader can change hundreds and even thousands of lives. One good leader can raise up a congregation of disciple-makers to care for orphans, feed the poor, comfort the hurting, and reach the lost. One good leader can make the difference. Please join us tomorrow for Giving Tuesday — and let’s work to change the world FOREVER with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. You'll be glad you did.

With Great Appreciation,


Rick Thompson

P.S. Watch our Facebook tomorrow for opportunities to give, or go to our #GivingTuesday page here.