Advent - Global Action On the Move

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Dear Ministry Partners, 

This is the season of Advent. The Latin word adventus means “arrival” or “coming” and is borrowed from a special ceremony in the ancient world. When it was announced to a city that their king had won a great victory in some distant land, and that he would be “arriving” soon, people would crowd the streets to wait in anticipation of his coming. And when he arrived, he would distribute gifts and there would be a really big party (see Psalm 68:18 and Ephesians 4:8).    

This is the time of the year when we look back and remember that Christ came, and it is a time of looking forward in anticipation of his arrival again. Then, he will make all things new. Just as a child waits in anticipation for the arrival of Christmas day, we are waiting in anticipation of the day when Christ will return and there will be “peace on earth.” And then there will be a party like none other!  

Please join me, the staff, and the board in helping us “invite” more people to the party that we are all looking forward to. We need your help now more than ever as we take on bold new ventures in Cuba, and as we dream big about the future. As the American theologian Carl F. H. Henry put it, “The Gospel is only good news if it gets there in time.” Help us get the good news out to the nations through your giving. Help us multiply more leaders who will change the world!  

On the Move, 


Rick Thompson