GLOMOS India Graduate Spotlight - A warrior for Christ

Winning the spiritual battle with GLOMOS

Battling the ground of idolism

This warrior for Christ hails from a Hindu family who very closely encountered the character and destructive nature of Hindu worship. The cultic response to her psychology gained momentum in her behaviour and would not leave her even when she came to Christ. The stubbornness in her behaviour would not leave her in peace and was prone to self-righteousness. She was truly a hard nut to crack.

Proclaiming Christ with religious weapons

On one occasion, her neighbour took her to an evening Bible study where she was awestruck with the preacher’s sermon from Isaiah 45:5, “There is none other righteous than God alone.” This statement changed her life. The words, that He alone is true, made her surrender to His power. So now her core behaviour of stubbornness, became her tool for evangelism! She started proclaiming Christ by insulting people of other faith. She developed a hierarchical supremacy in her that she alone knows a God who is good and truth. In her sermon presentations, sharing testimonies there was dominance of pride for knowing Christ personally. She did all the ground work with no love and humbleness. And soon, there was a demarcation in her relational value towards others. People started rejecting her and avoiding her. Her leadership became unpleasant and her presence was demoralizing to others.

Winning spiritual battle with GLOMOS

The warrior of Christ had immense potential but was not nurtured rightly. Her pastor recommended her to join GLOMOS with a hope that course training would definitely bring a perspective transformation in her. The warrior for Christ indeed witnessed a visible transformation in her own life, which was testified by people around her. She now preaches and changes lives. The people who once escaped her presence, now desire to be around her. Her husband came to the Lord after seeing a balance and transformation in her life as she implemented the teachings of GLOMOS more intricately than ever. She was the best academic student for 2018 from Ranchi. She confessed during her graduation ceremony, "I came to the Lord but the religious dominance of past life had not left me until the systematic study of GLOMOS broke me down and portrayed the unique character of Christ and His love for the world. I am glad these modules became a mentoring and counseling tool in my life and saved my household too."