From Our Vice President - Global Action On the Move

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Dear Friends, 

My name is Lionel Young and I am thrilled to be part of the Global Action team, working side-by-side with my friend, Rick Thompson. After 30 years as a pastor and nearly 10 years doing doctoral work in Europe, I feel that God has been preparing me for my entire life to serve with the team at Global Action.  

I have three pretty simple jobs. First, I am telling everyone I can about the work we are doing to equip pastors who are transforming the world. Second, I am helping with strategic thinking on missions as we open new fields. As a scholar who spends some time in Cambridge, I am passionate about us working hard AND smart. We want to use our time, resources, and energy well.  

Finally, I will be in the field along with our other dedicated staff, working in some of the places of greatest need. I love to teach, so I will be teaching and working with our other dedicated instructors. Nothing gets me more excited than standing in the classroom talking to leaders about how to transform their churches and communities. I just love it.  

You can keep up with me on social media or follow my new blog, Books and Ideas. And if you want me or a member of our team to come talk to your organization about the exciting work we are doing around the world, please contact Bailey Bada. We would love to hear from you!  


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Lionel Young, PhD
Vice President and Chief Growth Officer