Our Commitments - Global Action On the Move

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Dear Friends, 

As we begin a new year I want to say a word about our commitments at Global Action. You can read a full explanation here, but I want to share with you our central commitment as an organization: we are committed to equipping leaders who will transform their communities.  

I want to explain why this commitment is so important. We have learned from experience that there are all kinds of good things the Western church is doing in missions - from drilling wells, to rescuing orphans, to providing warm blankets for people on the street. These, and a thousand other things, are all very good.  

But we have learned from many years of experience that if we fully equip a leader in a church and give him the tools he needs to do his job, he will organize his community to drill a well, empower his church to save orphans, and provide food and clothing for those in need. And he can reach people that we could never reach! That’s why we exist. We aren’t just helping leaders become smarter - we are helping them become more effective. We are committed to it. 

As we begin a new year, would you consider helping us spread the word? If each person would forward this e-mail to a friend, or use their social media to make a post, or take the time to tell one other person what we are doing, we could double our partnership community in 2019.  

We can do this!  


Rick Thompson