A GLOMOS Ukrainian pastor's story

Pastor Nikolai

When I had difficulties, and worries in my life, I enrolled in GLOMOS courses. During the training, I received not only the necessary knowledge as a tool for practical ministry, but also gradually received internal healing and recovery. At the end of the course, I regained my understanding of my calling to serve the Lord and my people as a missionary preacher and pastor.

God opened the door for me in a Gypsy church, where I began applying the knowledge and skills that I acquired. The church has been developing; and during the onset of the conflict in the East of Ukraine, we found ourselves in the center of the mass movement of settlers from the war zone. We have been providing humanitarian, financial, material and legal assistance, which has contributed to the spread of the Gospel. To date, our church is visited by about fifty people, and most of them are Roma nationality (a vulnerable and isolated group of Ukrainian society).

Later, we started doing mission trips to other regions, where formerly not a single house had the Gospel preached. We saw people accept Christ and be baptized in his name. We are blessed by Jesus and His continued work in Ukraine!

-Pastor Nikolai

Christina Riesbeck