Our Commitments

We are all in at Global Action. Here is what we are committed to:

1.     We are committed to glorifying God in all we do. 

It is the intention of Global Action to glorify God through our ministry – to always make the name of God great, and to never elevate ourselves.  Our ultimate aim is not evangelism, but worship.  We want God to be glorified in all we do. 

 2.     We are committed to making disciples in all nations.

 We are dedicated to carrying out the Great Commission, found in Matthew 28, by equipping church leaders to lead disciple-making churches. We strive to make our training transferable by keeping it simple, practical and focused. Our desire is to disciple the disciple-makers.  Evangelism is the beginning, but not the end.  We ultimately are trying to help people follow Christ forever. 

 3.     We are committed to holding to the authority of Scripture.

 We value the Word of God as our final authority and use its wisdom as the basis for all we do. We are committed to a biblically-based evangelical theology. Evangelical theology may be defined as a belief in the Apostle’s Creed, a faithful commitment to Scripture and constant emphasis on the Gospel. We hold to traditional Evangelical theology without excluding those from various denominations of the larger church.

4.     We are committed to equipping leaders to transform their communities.

 We equip leaders to change their communities and countries.  We believe that developing leaders is the best investment of our time and resources.  Good leaders can mobilize churches to do important Gospel work (evangelism, discipleship, etc.) and social work (drilling wells, saving orphans, feeding the hungry, working in prisons, etc.) in their communities.  Training a leader can transform a community. 

 5.   We are committed to serving in the places of greatest need.

 We want abundant resources to flow to the areas of greatest need.  We believe that we have been called to serve those who are living in the most desperate places in the world.  We do not shy away from those who live in poverty or those facing persecution.  We move toward them, just as Christ has moved toward us in our time of greatest need.

 6.     We are committed to making theological education accessible.  

 Theological education should not just be the privilege of those who live in the Western world, or for those who can afford the cost of post-secondary or graduate education.  Education is becoming more expensive, and therefore less accessible to the most vulnerable.  We are driven by the conviction that theological training should be made accessible for all men and women in the world who have been called to serve the church, regardless of their socio-economic status. 

7.     We are committed to offering quality educational experiences.

 We don’t just teach anything — and we don’t just let anyone teach.  We want our students to get the quality training they need to help them change the communities they serve.  We want to carry out our work with excellence because we believe that this glorifies our God, blesses the people we serve, and is an example of those we teach. 

 8.     We are committed to managing our resources with integrity.

 Financial integrity is at the core of who we are.  We are committed to being faithful stewards of the resources that have been entrusted to us, for the express purpose of training leaders who will help us change the world.