jp wilson

J.P. Wilson

Independent, Voting Member

Gulf Shores, Alabama

J.P. is a pastor in Alabama and holds a degree in Theology. He has taught at Word of Faith Bible College and has pastored youth and young adults. His experience also includes leading worship, launching several college campus ministries, leading mission trips into 21 different countries, establishing Baltimore County’s first permanent men’s shelter, and serving as chaplain at one of the largest juvenile detention facilities on the east coast. After planting and pastoring his first church in Missouri for ten years where he also launched a TV ministry, he later moved to Salem, Massachusetts to plant another church and establish a prayer ministry. In 2008 JP joined the Liberty Network and planted a Liberty Church in Foley, Alabama the following year, where he serves as campus pastor. Since that time, the church has become instrumental in community transformation through its many missional outreaches, the latest of which was the founding of two successful faith-based recovery facilities for men and women.