phil ephraim

Phil Ephraim

Advisory Board Member

Evanston, Illinois

Philip Ephraim is vice-president of Modern Process Equipment (MPE), which he and his brother purchased in 1981 and have since grown into the largest manufacturer of coffee grinders in the world. Prior to this, Phil worked for 17 years at Solo Cup Co. as a mechanical engineer, working his way up to Director of Engineering for the Plastics Division. Phil was one of the engineers who developed and produced the “red solo cup,” one of the most iconic products ever produced by the company. With a vision to help the underprivileged people of Guatemala, Philip and his wife Nikki bought 65 acres of undeveloped property on the east coast of Guatemala, on the Caribbean Ocean. In 2002, they started building El Faro, a beacon of ministry in one of the most impoverished corners of Guatemala. Today, El Faro – which means “lighthouse” in Spanish – has grown into an outreach, conference and Christian retreat center that is being used by people, churches and organizations from the United States and Central America. In 2013, Philip learned about Global Action’s vital training courses for pastors. Since then, Global Action has been training hundreds of Guatemalan pastors at El Faro. Philip has also served on the local boards of Youth for Christ, Teen Challenge, Young Life, Chaplains for Christ, and Chicago City Church, among others.