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Why Leadership Training?

The Need is Great.

85% of churches worldwide are led by untrained pastors.

It is estimated that 3.2 million pastors in developing countries are untrained or undertrained. There is 1 trained Christian worker for every 235 people in the United States. But in the developing world, this ratio plummets to 1 in 450,000. To put that in perspective, that would be like having one trained Christian worker for the city of Atlanta.

Most leaders in developing nations can’t access traditional biblical Education.

While it’s common for Christian workers in the U.S. to attend a Bible college or seminary, this simply isn’t possible for many leaders in developing nations. Many are poor and live in remote locations far from a Christian school. Many never attended high school. These leaders need training that is affordable, accessible, and culturally appropriate.

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The Stakes are High.

poor leadership weakens churches and hinders the spread of the gospel.

When pastors and ministry workers are not rooted in Scripture and equipped for leadership, the church suffers. False teachings like the “prosperity gospel” begin to creep in and damage witness. Leaders become lone rangers who cling to their position of authority without raising up other competent leaders and lay people for the work of ministry. Churches struggle and numbers dwindle as people drift from their purpose and identity in Christ. Lives remain unchanged and communities remain unreached.

strong leadership produces thriving churches that make disciples and transform communities.

When a leader is rooted in the Bible and equipped for effective ministry, everything changes. A pastor with a solid foundation in theology and the interpretation of Scripture helps the congregation grow as they encounter the living Word of God. Churches grow in depth and number, and they are filled with a desire to reach the lost with the Gospel. Disciples make disciples, and multiplication takes place. Lives and communities are changed for eternity.