The Greatest Hero

Holy Week is one of my favorite weeks of the year. It is also called Passion Week—the week the Church all over the world celebrates the greatest news in the world. What makes the work of Christ such good news? As I wrote in my book The Way of the Cross: A Forty-day Journey:

“Your sin is so cosmically bad, the God of the universe had to die to pay the price for it, but God’s love for you is so profoundly deep, he was willing to die” (p. 231).

Christ’s death, burial, and resurrection shout God’s love for us. As you reflect on the cross this week, remember how loved you are. Our Hero came to rescue us from sin and death. His crucifixion is the declaration of God’s love and nothing will ever be able to separate us from that love.

I want to take a moment and thank board member Barry Fluth for his work at the Annual Desert Classic Golf Event, which raised more than $22,000 for our ‘Heroes’ working in Ukraine. You can see pics here. And I also want to remind you that during the months of April and May you can double your impact by giving to our $50,000.00 match spring event. Thank you for considering being part of this really special initiative. Our staff is praying daily for God to bless our efforts so we can equip more heroes to change the world.

For the Sake of His Name,

Dr. Rick Thompson
President, Global Action

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