Tune in to Turning The Tide Podcast

Episode 7 | Kyama Mugambi

In this week’s episode of Turning the Tide, Lionel interviews Kyama Mugambi.

Episode 6 | David Hollinger

Interview with award-winning author David Hollinger. We talk about his highly-touted book “Protestants Abroad: How Missionaries Tried to Change the World but Changed America.”


Episode 5 | Igor Grishajev

Jews, Gypsies, and the Gospel in Ukraine. Hear how God is changing lives in Eastern Europe.


Episode 4 | Wendy de Rodas

In this week’s episode of Turning the Tide, Lionel interviews Wendy de Rodas who is serving the poor in Guatemala during COVID 19.


Episode 3 | Ian Amess

In this episode, we interview Ian Amess who serves with the Harare Theological College in Zimbabwe. He is bringing hope to pastors in Africa who have no access to theological education.


Episode 2 | Buhe Pilime

In this week’s Turning the Tide, hear from Buhe Pilime, Global Action team member in Zimbabwe as she shares about the challenges and opportunities facing the African church in the time of coronavirus.


Episode 1 | Amit Mondal

In our very first episode of Turning The Tide, we hear stories of hope from India in the midst of the pandemic. Lionel Young hosts Amit Mondal, Global Action’s Director of South Asia, for this insider’s look into the current…