Great News from Honduras

by Phil Long, International President

Part of our training strategy has been to provide extended training to national pastors and church leaders, on an ongoing basis. We've done this primarily in two ways over the years. First, we would provide an Advanced Ministry Training to the graduates of our First Year Program. Second, we would provide an extended training called “Building a Spiritual Legacy” to graduates and future students in the context of their cultural leadership challenges. In the past, these have been sporadic, “one-time-off” training events whenever we had the opportunity. Starting this month, we will begin our first, year-long “Spiritual Legacy” series with several hundred pastors. The first conference will be taught by one of our long-time professors from Costa Rica, Otto Kladensky. He will be teaching sessions under the theme of “The Pastor As a Peacemaker.” What an appropriate topic with all of the violence going on in Honduras!

The exciting news is that the Honduran government gave us a grant to cover ALL expenses associated with the conference! The only stipulation was that we were to include as many pastors as possible and to provide at least one day of teaching sessions in the prison. You know that God is moving when they stipulate that we teach God’s word to the prisoners!  God has given our team a tremendous favor, both with government officials and with barrio (neighborhood) leaders, because of the impact Global Action is already making in Honduras.

Eight people were killed in a shooting recently in San Pedro Sula. Pray for the peace of Honduras!

Eight people were killed in a shooting recently in San Pedro Sula. Pray for the peace of Honduras!

As I said before, Honduras is a very dangerous nation and our team needs so much prayer. Recently, our national leader had a meeting with a businessman last week in San Pedro Sula. Before the meeting, the Holy Spirit prompted her to reschedule for the following day. At the time of the initial meeting, there was a shootout in the restaurant next door in which 10 people were killed. That’s the danger they face on a daily basis!

A GLOMOS Graduation

In October, we will transport by bus all of the students from Honduras to Guatemala and we will have a combined graduation with students from both countries. What an exciting opportunity! The students are excited about this and look forward to a time of developing greater unity within the body of Christ in Central America.  We anticipate that this will be a ground breaking time for further advancement of the kingdom of God in that region of the world.