Pastor Ramon

Pastor Ramon is a GLOMOS student in Honduras. He decided recently to hold an evangelistic event in his neighborhood to reach those around him. Before the event could occur, however, Ramon was warned by a local gang leader that he would not allow the event in β€œhis” neighborhood.

He threatened Ramon by saying that not only would they kill Ramon if he held it, but they would kill any gang members that attended. Pastor Ramon replied that he had been given authority by a much higher power to hold the event, and continued with his plans to do so.
Pastor Ramon had an incredibly successful evangelistic event.  It rained heavily every night, but that didn't discourage the community. In spite of the threat, three members of his gang gave their lives to Jesus. Ramon reports that 40 persons came to faith in Christ and 30 more reconciled with the Lord during the three nights. Discipleship of the new believers has started and Pastor Ramon plans to hold more events in the area.