brian banks

Brian Banks

Independent, Voting Member

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Brian Banks has been involved in leading and operating businesses in Oklahoma City for over 30 years. An entrepreneur at heart, his professional experience has spanned healthcare, leadership, service and distribution. Brian has led a third-generation family business as well as new business start-ups where he has participated in industry consolidations and business acquisitions. In 2012, Brian acquired two strategic companies which provide healthcare services to our aging population. He is integrally involved in the daily operations of his businesses. Brian also co-founded American Health Partners, a company that partnered with innovators of medical technology to help them prepare for the market and maximize their global potential. As a student at the University of Oklahoma, Brian was awakened to the idea of using business as a platform for ministry and influence. He has been deeply impacted by faithful and experienced mentors who have invested greatly in him. As a result, one of his passions is encouraging and mentoring young leaders and helping them on their journey, both professionally and personally. Brian holds a Bachelor of Business Administration from the University of Oklahoma and a Master of Business Administration from Oklahoma City University.