JW Oliver

J.W. Oliver

Independent, Voting Member

Argyle, Texas

J.W.’s objective is to assist organizations to leverage growth, increase productivity, manage costs and free up time utilizing virtual/remote teams. He is proud to be a Christian lead entrepreneur. Adopting a “Win Win Win” philosophy, he seeks to help businesses be their very best while making a global impact through creating professional work opportunities and donating to ministries around the world. As an entrepreneur since age 12 selling “PopRocks” from his middle school locker, JW has started more than 20 companies—including an outsourcing center in Africa, an international property management group, a dental insourcing company, a collegiate summer baseball team, and even a skateboard park. He is an avid traveler who enjoys seeing the world and sees an opportunity in every obstacle. J.W. has completed two ½ Iron-Men races, ten Half Marathons, hiked 6 days from Cusco to Machu Picchu all after the age of 48. He is a pilot, ordained minister, author, and podcast host. He loves to see others laugh and smile, and desires most of all to uplift and encourage others and show them the love of Jesus.