Terrorist No More

Jaimashi Nag, from India, is one of the 752 pastors we have trained through GLOMOS in 2011. He lives in a region where Christians not only suffer persecution from Hindu radicals but also from the communist Maoists. 

Here is part of his story:

“Once I was a commander for the local terrorist group and involved in terrorizing those who did not believe in our cause as basic trouble making in the community. Upon hearing the good news of Jesus, I received my Lord and Savior and almost immediately He gave me the burden to work among my own people group of the Munda tribe.  I now pastor two small congregations. More than sixty people have been water baptized, which in our Hindu culture is such a serious event that it requires an affidavit from a judge for a former Hindu to be baptized as a Christian. "We recently started church construction for our congregation in our village. This again is very serious as in the last 4 years many Christian churches have been burned or destroyed in an attempt to eradicate Christians from the surrounding districts. Please remember us in your prayers regularly and thank you for your all support and prayers.”

As a GLOMOS graduate, Jaimashi, along with all 752 (including those who graduated earlier in 2012), will receive from Global Action a very nice personal library of books that they can use as reference materials on preaching, prayer, studying the Bible, and leadership. We do this to help these pastors continue to develop their leadership and pastoral skills and often these and their GLOMOS textbooks are the only books they own.